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Jon William Toigo  

Jon William Toigo

Toigo Partners International

Tel: (727) 736-5367
Email: jtoigo@toigopartners.com

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Jon William Toigo is a 26-year veteran of disaster recovery planning and a consultant on business automation issues for both vendors and consumers of information technology. Toigo has written over 1000 articles for the technology trade press and is the author of 15 books, including three on the subject of contingency planning. His latest title in the DR field, Disaster Recovery Planning 2nd Edition (Prentice Hall PTR: 2000) is a "best seller" in technical non-fiction and updates the now industry-standard strategies and practices Toigo helped to define in his first edition, published in 1990. The latest book includes disaster recovery strategies for distributed computing platforms and for modern e-business platforms, which, in his view, are both more critical and more vulnerable than previous business computing platforms.

Toigo is a much sought after speaker on business technology who garners high approval ratings from both technical and non-technical audiences. His presentations combine solid content with humor and energy, and embody Toigo's earnest desire to dispel the myths and "marketecture" that often permeate the contingency planning field. (A sample of Toigo's views are available at his own Disaster Recovery Planning website, www.drplanning.org, which serves as a "living appendix" to his latest book.) His speaking engagements in 2000 included:

  • Business Continuity Planners Association, guest speaker, October 2000, St. Paul, MN
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Information Science and Technology Colloquium Series, keynote speaker, October 2000, Greenbelt, MD
  • DAFS Developers Conference (DAFS DevCon), speaker, October 2000, Charlotte, NC
  • American Red Cross/MidAmerica Contingency Planning Forum, keynote speaker, October 2000, St. Louis, MO
  • Fall 2000 Networld+Interop SAN Interoperability Panel, moderator, September 2000, Atlanta, GA
  • Credit Suisse/First Boston Communications and Storage Technology Conference, speaker, July 2000, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Technology Excellence in Government 2000 Conference, speaker and panel moderator, June 2000, Washington, DC
  • IBM Summit 2000 Conference, speaker and panelist, April 2000, Orlando, FL

He also delivered seminars for the University of South Florida's MBA and MIS degree programs in 2000.

Toigo will be featured in two breakout sessions at IBM's Business Continuity and Recovery Planning Summit 2001 Conference, April 2001, Orlando, FL, where he will discuss the contingency planning aspects of Application Service Providers and Business Process Deconstruction.

Over a 20-year period, Jon has held senior positions both within the IT management teams of several leading financial institutions and within the consulting organizations of two international systems integrators. In 1993, he decided to write and consult on an independent basis. His client list ranges from a host of smaller firms to a who's who of technology companies, including AT&T, Compaq, Cisco Systems, EMC, Hewlett-Packard Company, Network Appliance, and many others.

He serves as a columnist for TidalWire.com and PlanetIT.com, and also for the print edition of Enterprise Systems magazine. His articles appear frequently in a wide range of publications including Network Computing, MidRange Systems, Washington Technology, Federal Computer Week, Unisphere, Scientific American and a host of others.

Toigo bases his small but exclusive consulting and writing practice in Tampa Bay, FL.

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