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Media Planner & Contract Forms

Thank you for your interest in the 15th Annual Disaster Resource GUIDE. Follow the link below to view the 2011 Media Planner, but first....

Do you know that over 30% of GUIDE readers are reached because we participate in dozens of tradeshows and industry associations/groups throughout the US and Canada?

Do you know that you can have your literature distributed at some of these meetings AND GET THE NAMES OF LEADS/PROSPECTS for your own marketing?

Want to know more about this terrific opportunity? Ask us!

Now for the Media Planner...

• Individual Pages
To view specific pages of the Media Planner, Click HERE>>

Full Media Planner
To download the entire Media Planner in one Adobe® file (1.37MB), Click HERE>>

Advertising Rates & Calendar
To download the 2011 advertising rates and editorial calendar (156KB), Click HERE>>

Contract Forms
To download contract forms and supplemental pages (568KB), Click HERE>>

Advertising Materials & Specifications
To download the 2011 advertising materials and specifications (161KB), Click HERE>>

These files are in .pdf format. In order to view them you will need to download the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™. Click here to go to Adobe's® website and download the application.

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