We launched the weekly Continuity eGUIDE in 2003 with a vision to consolidate and communicate resources for the disciplines of BC, DR, and EM. Since then we have published over 560 editions and now publish on Wednesday twice a month. For more than 16 years we have worked to bring our industry together.

Archive by Year


Vol. 629 – Principles of Good Business Communications in Crisis

November 17, 2021

The Resilient Journey podcast wraps up their series on Crisis Communications with Dianne Chase, who founded Chase Media after an award-winning career in broadcast journalism as a news director, anchor and reporter. In this episode Dianne explains how to position your organization as the vindicator during a crisis and reminds us that communication done well is based on principles that don’t change. Quotable: “Nothing good ever came from poor communications.”

Vol. 628 – Risk Management at Eight Knots: Situational Awareness

November 3, 2021

Skippering a sailboat involves lots of inputs – weather, seas, crew, passengers, etc. and requires keeping a constant eye on all of them. “Situational Awareness” has business applications as well. Howard Mannella, an authority on risk, resiliency and continuity for over four decades, has launched a podcast series in which these important concepts for the business world are compared to skippering 45 foot sailboats in the Puget Sound. Join the adventure series and explore situational awareness, command and control, contingency planning, communications and more!

Vol. 627 – Cybersecurity Incident Response Trends & How to Level Counsel

October 20, 2021

The Resilient Journey podcast series continues with this episode dedicated to the biggest risk facing organizations today – cyber security. Mark Hoffman’s guest in is Patrick Bourk. Patrick is the National Practice Leader for HUB International’s Cyber Liability Practice. Patrick talks about trends in the cyber security industry, incident response plans, how to leverage legal counsel and why smaller companies cannot afford to ignore the cyber security risk.

Vol. 626 – What’s Going on Right Now with Cyber Insurance?

October 6, 2021

The cyber world is rocking right now. Ransomware is off the charts. You can’t go more than a few days without news of another major attack from Colonial Pipeline to Kaseya to T-Mobile!

Find answers and insights in the first of seven episodes of the new podcast series – “The Resilient Journey”. Podcast host Mark Hoffman and Marsh Cyber Practice Leader Kaitlin Upchurch discuss the challenges rocking the cyber world and what you need to know about insurance. Kaitlin is a senior insurance broker and a risk advisor focused on corporate cybersecurity risk management. Listen as she explains what’s going on now with cyber insurance.

Vol. 625 – 3 Questions to Ask If Management Rejects Recommendations Due to Cost

September 15, 2021

Examining local and national events with a risk lens can help us better understand areas we may need to improve. The deep freeze and blackouts across Texas is an event that deserves careful examination. Following a less-severe freeze in 2011, ERCOT, the Texas Legislature, and utilities were presented with recommendations on how to manage the risk of blackouts, but the recommendations were ignored due to cost. ERM expert Carol Williams lays out 3 questions that ought to be asked when cost is an issue.

Vol. 624 – Managing Stress, Leading, and Serving Through Crises

September 1, 2021

Today, more than plans and technical skills, it is commonly admitted that leadership is behavior-based and that emotional intelligence, which includes having strong soft skills, is the key to lead efficiently, especially during crises. Crisis management expert Alexandra Hoffmann outlines how pursuing a model of “servant leadership” along with stress management will improve team performance in a crisis management environment.

Vol. 623 – Afghan Chaos Provides 10 Crisis Management Lessons… And Counting

August 18, 2021

Edward Segal, Leadership Strategy Contributor for Forbes writes, “It is not often that a foreign crisis provides important crisis management lessons for business leaders. The unfolding situation in Afghanistan because of the departure of U.S. troop is one of those times.”

Vol. 622 – What We Can All Learn about BC and DR from Last Winter’s Fiserv Outage

August 4, 2021

Many credit union leaders will not forget how – not only did a freak Texas storm bring down the power grid, but it also brought down parts of Fiserv, including mobile and online banking, cards and bill pay. Sarah Cooke’s recent zoom conversation with James Green, award-winning risk management thought leader, about the impact of last winter’s outage on credit unions has takeaways for every business. The article is on the HUB.

Vol. 621 – How to Mitigate and Manage Continuous Cyber Security Threats

July 22, 2021

As employees are increasingly working remotely, the risk of cyber-attacks continues to rise. One of the most noticeable impacts of the pandemic on work culture is how it accelerated technological adoption.

Recognizing these sharp changes, employers must take responsibility for “reskilling” their employees to help them adapt to new technologies. In this week’s Meet the Experts, Joseph Chukwube lays out 7 ways companies can mitigate and manage continuous cyber security threats.

Vol. 620 – 10 Disciplines of Effective Cyber Security Leadership

July 8, 2021

Cyber threats should no longer be considered a low probability high impact event due to global interoperability/ connectedness, recent unprecedented events across the nation and world, social unrest, extended isolation, and the increase of the labor force working from home. The threat surface area, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for attack have been exponentially increased for attackers to infiltrate “critical ecosystems.” Andrew Peden offers “ten disciplines” leaders can use to mitigate their cyber risk.

Vol. 619 – The 7 Deadly Sins We All Should Avoid

June 16, 2021

Cyber thieves are on the prowl and they set themselves apart from typical thieves in several different ways. Andy Ziegler and Al Irizarry discuss the simple ways individuals and businesses can protect themselves. They outline 7 deadly cybersecurity sins that most individuals commit daily, leaving themselves wide open to be destroyed. How does your daily cyber use measure up?

Vol. 618 – 30 Lessons from 30 Years of Crisis Management

June 2, 2021

Our expert this week is Jonathan Bernstein, who started the first international email newsletter on the topic of crisis management, which now reaches readers in 75 countries. Here are 30 lessons from his 30-year career in crisis management. Each one is a gem of wisdom.