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A dynamic FORUM is a key component of the Risk and Resilience HUB.

The technical functionality is complete and “ready-to-go”.  We are eager to address key issues related to business continuity, crisis/emergency management, disaster recovery, governance, risk & compliance, IT continuity & security.

But, this is not enough. We need you!

The platform we envision must meet needs of global professionals.  It has to grow organically from the grassroots with insights, questions, solutions from all levels.

This can only happen if we have FORUM moderators with experience in BC, EM, DR, GRC who can guide in topic discussion in one or more of our six categories.

The FORUM will allow professionals to start a topic or participate in an existing one.  Members will be encouraged to ask questions, provide solutions.

The FORUM will be a catalyst to grow our industry.

Will you help us?  If yes, reach out by email with a “count me in”!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kathy Rainey, Publisher