International Community Focuses on Cyber Threat

It's not just the United States' disaster response community that writes and debates the possibilities of cyber-attack. Media catering to readers and listeners around the world are educating their audiences about the threat of "Trojan weapons instead of missiles."

The Voice of Russia, a radio and Internet broadcast with 109 million listeners in 160 countries, did an interview last week with information security expert Alexander Vlasov. He told radio listeners that cyber attacks are not just plotlines in futuristic novels. While individual bank accounts are targets for computer hackers, the broadcast announced, cyber attacks are "aimed at the management systems of big corporations and highly protected facilities."

Meanwhile, a New Zealand-based media aggregator called "Stuff" reports this week on the results of the Cyber Storm III exercise, an internationally coordinated onslaught of simulated cyber attacks. "The Cyber Storm exercise is held every two years, and is designed to assess the ability of critical infrastructure providers to withstand cyber attacks," the article says.

Both media mention the Stuxnet Trojan Virus and its attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. The Russian article, quoting the WikiLeaks website, suggests that the virus "was borne of this fruitful cooperation" between a German security expert and U.S. officials, including former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

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