Terrorism Training for Parking Professionals and Shuttle Drivers

More than 2,000 parking professionals have gone through a government training program called First Observer, according to this article at the American City and County website. The program, begun nearly one year ago, "trains parking professionals to address five critical security areas: on-street, surface parking lots, garages/decks, special events and shuttle operations. First Observers recognize and report potential threats using a concise, accurate and simple communications process," the article says.

First Observer, developed with the help of the International Parking Institute, provides background on different terrorist groups and their patterns of operation, gives an overview of weapons, and details case studies of terror situations.

There is no charge for the training and it is available as an online training module, in classroom settings or as a "train the trainer" workshop. The program supports the National Preparedness Guidelines of the Department of Homeland Security.

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