Interview with Local Crisis Communications Official

The federal and state governments have ramped up their communications planning in the event of a crisis such as a nuclear detonation, a crisis communications expert tells the Billerica (Mass.) Minuteman. In a Q&A column, Rick Pozniak, a college faculty member and system director of marketing and communications at Hallmark Health System, says disaster preparation has increased since Hurricane Katrina when "the federal government really dropped the ball."

The Q&A focuses on Pozniak's involvement in reviewing a manual outlining a communications plan in the event of a nuclear detonation. The document was devised "for federal and state officials to communicate with the public and the media during the immediate aftermath of a nuclear detonation in the U.S.," Pozniak says.

The most important communications element in responding to a catastrophe is that officials delivering messages "must be calm and must create a perception of being in control of the situation and should partner with the news who also have to be calm," Pozniak says.

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