U.S. Scores Poorly on New Global Disaster Recovery Index

The newly released “Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index” measures responses from 3,000 small and mid-sized business owners and IT managers to its survey conducted in 13 countries last fall. Each country was ranked based on average responses to 11 questions about backup and recovery technology, resources, procedures and executive buy-in.

Businesses in the U.K., Australia and the U.S. all scored poorly on their confidence in their ability to avoid downtime in the event of a serious incident. Only 38% of American business owners said they were confident they had the systems and procedures in place to recover quickly.

Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland emerged as the countries where companies reported the best boardroom buy-in, controls, documented policies and procedures for their backup and disaster recovery operations. The business owners surveyed in these countries were 50% more confident than the average survey respondent about their ability to recover quickly in the event of system downtime.

Companies in France and Italy were the most likely to admit that they do not have an offsite backup and disaster recovery strategy, the survey shows. They also spend the lowest percentage of overall IT budget of all countries surveyed at 5% and 4% respectively.

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