"Cloud" Technology: Important Trend or Marketing Hype?

Robert Morgan, director at sourcing consultancy Burnt Oak Partners, warns businesses that “so-called new IT trends” are often “merely marketing terms repackaged for the new generation and are far from new.” Morgan’s column, originally posted at Computer Weekly UK, is republished here by Cisco News.

Morgan argues that many so-called cloud services are re-inventions or groupings of long-established services with a different name. “Is there a fundamental underlying technology that I can get anything unique from the cloud that I cannot from other outsourced services or old fashioned hardware/software ownership? No,” Morgan writes.

Organizations considering cloud technology claims should reject the marketing push and focus on two questions, he says. “Is the lower cost versus security and other concerns worth it and, the question few think about, once totally committed and virtual, can we ever bring these services back under our direct control?”

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