A Tribute to Tom Abruzzo

TAMP Systems

Tom Abruzzo, president and founder of TAMP Systems, passed away on December 25, 2010. Tom's son Thomas C. Abruzzo is his successor and now President of TAMP Systems. The mission of the company is unchanged and Tom’s vision continues.

Highlights of Tom’s Career

Tom specialized in disaster recovery, business continuity and contingency planning for more than 30 years.

He was a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) as well as the president and founder of TAMP Systems. Tom was the developer of the planning software product Disaster Recovery System (DRS™).

In 2005, Tom was inducted into the CPM Hall of Fame, which is an independent organization that recognizes significant contributors in the field of business continuity.

Tom was the founding chairperson of the Contingency Planning Exchange Group (CPE) Long Island Chapter.

Tom was the developer of the first contingency plan for the world’s fifth largest financial institution.

Tributes from Industry Colleagues

“The passing of Tom Abruzzo is a great loss. Tom spent more than half his life working to better the state of preparedness and improve the status of professionals around the world. I will miss him dearly.” Al Berman, President, DRI International.

"I would like to share that whoever you were, a client, colleague or friend, Tom always had a warm smile and a warmer greeting for you. During his short illness, he never dwelled on his situation and remained concerned for his family, clients and business. Tom had a true passion for disaster planning and bringing solutions to his clients, and his legacy will continue through Tamp Systems. To remember Tom is to give a warm smile to those that you meet, as Tom always did." Tom Serio, Verizon Wireless

“I knew Tom for over 25 years. Back then, when Barbara Matthews and I were starting up the Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE) Group in New York City, he was a major contributor to getting it off the ground and to its present success. Tom was a true pioneer in the field. He paved the way for many in our industry with best practices and innovative solutions. And most importantly, he was a friend and well respected by his peers. He was from the old gang of New York planners that loved to exchange stories about our many early challenges. Over the years I’d see Tom at the annual conferences and he’d always greet me with a story and a smile. It was always great to see him and reminisce. Tom will be sorely missed.” Mark Haimowitz, ABC Television Network

“I have worked with and known Tom for many years, primarily in conjunction with the Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE). Tom has always been willing to share his knowledge and expertise with myself and others. He has been a great supporter of the CPE over the years and contributed to its growth and success. Tom will be greatly missed in many ways.” James Certoma, Bloomberg LP

“Having known Tom for over 25 years, he was always a pleasure to work with—a man of absolute integrity and a consummate professional, yet down-to-earth. Whether the subject was his beloved poodles, industry gossip or disaster recovery software, I always enjoyed his company. He will be sorely missed.” Phil Rothstein, Rothstein Associates

“I first met Tom Abruzzo on April 21st, 2004, as he led the Long Island Chapter of the Contingency Planning Exchange as the Chairman of the Board. As fellow entrepreneurs, we immediately bonded and within weeks, we were introducing each other into the other's client base, eager to help the other in building their business and strengthening their client relationships. Over the last 7 years, we learned quite a bit from each other and I was quite blessed to have a friendship with Tom on many levels. He was a true craftsman in the business continuity and disaster recovery industry and most importantly, he earned the respect of many people. After building a lifetime of respect for him myself, it was the greatest of compliments and a true honor when Tom asked me in late 2006 to be his successor as the Chair of the Long Island Chapter of the CPE, saying that he personally felt I was the right person to help lead the Chapter into a new era. Over the following years, our friendship grew and our two companies continued to work closely together to bring exciting new ideas to our industry, each of us always there to listen and lend advice to the other. When Tom shared the news of his illness, those of us that were closest to him were truly saddened. As a final compliment, and perhaps one of the greatest compliments a man could pay another, Tom asked me to help ensure the future success of his company and his clients and most import to him, to be there for his family after he was gone. We all miss you Tom and our love is with you.” Gregory R.Tellone, American Business Continuity Centers, LLC.

“I have known Tom for over 40 years. He has always been a very good friend. As a younger man he always had this strong desire to run his own business and as time went on he succeeded when he started TAMP Systems. TAMP Systems put him in the forefront of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. After 9/11 he was successful in establishing a Long Island Chapter for the Contingency Planning Exchange Group on Long Island. As a friend Tom was always by your side when you needed him. He would always do his best to help you when times were tough. I already miss Tom and it is going to be tough knowing that he will not be at our future meetings and events.” Larry Schoenfelder

“I first met Tom when I was coordinating an educational seminar for emergency management and disaster preparedness. He was recommended to me by a public sector colleague who described Tom as” “The Go To” man for teaching and presenting on business continuity and disaster recovery topics”. Tom contributed greatly to educating both the public and private sector on preparedness, we all learned a great deal from the time he dedicated to the community, not to mention the great impact his work had on shaping best practices in the industry. I had the great pleasure of working beside Tom on the board of the CPE (Contingency Planning Exchange) where he volunteered countless hours to share his knowledge and expertise, each time he presented, he did so with great enthusiasm and passion. Beyond his professional life, Tom was first and foremost devoted to his family as he always held them in high regard and shared remarks and stories which reflected his great love, admiration and pride in all of them. He was a friend and mentor and will be missed very dearly by all.” Terri Sinski, Strategic Planning Partners, LLC

“During the course of your life you make many acquaintances but very few that you can call a friend. Tom was a friend, a colleague and business partner during the 20 plus years that I knew him. Tom was a person that was dedicated to providing the best risk mitigation solutions to the industry, but first and foremost he was a family man and a lover of animals as we all knew by Marie and Tom's Christmas cards. I will miss him dearly.” Zack Verdino, Penta Associates, Ltd

“It is incredibly hard to say goodbye to Tom. After 30 years in this industry, he was still excited about finding new solutions to BC challenges. He led his company well and prepared them to continue after his absence.”Kathy Rainey, Publisher, Disaster Resource GUIDE

Tom Abruzzo’s Vision Continues

Since the release of the first product in 1985, Tom and his company, TAMP Systems; have continually worked to advance automation of business continuity management and supporting consulting services. Tom surrounded himself with family and professionals in this industry to ensure his commitment and practice would continue to grow even in his absence.

Over the past several years, he has been grooming his son, Thomas, to be the company’s CEO. While Tom’s loss is significant, Thomas has benefited from his father’s guidance and Tom’s vision for Tamp remains unchanged. Fortunately, over the past several years, Tom had passed off many of the day to day activities to Thomas and was acting in more of an advisory role than day to day management of the company. It was his dream that Thomas would eventually succeed him and he had implemented a system to insure that Thomas and Tamp would continue to grow. Unfortunately he has left us but his foresight has ensured that his company is prepared to meet this challenge.

You may send a note to the family through Tom’s son, Thomas C. Abruzzo, President, TAMP Systems. thomas@tampsystems.com

Donations may be sent in Tom Abruzzo’s name to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, PO Box 1893, Memphis, TN 38101-9950.

Tamp Systems may be reached at  (516) 623-2038