What To Do If Your Company Is the Target of a “Wiki-Leak”

Most well-run companies have crisis communication plans that cover scenarios such as product recalls or missed financial targets. But a new threat should be added to the list, says this article from Business Insider.

There has recently been a rise of “massive document dumping” on sites like WikiLeaks.org. And while government entities have been targeted up until now, it is rumored that a focus on corporate leaks is planned for 2011.

What will your company do if “mountains of internal documents” wind up on the Internet without warning?

The article includes advice from two professionals about preparing for a WikiLeaks incident. As well as reinforcing with staff the importance of keeping company documents private, business leaders should be prepared to deal with the fallout if a leak occurs, they say.

“Once information is leaked, aside from conducting an internal investigation as to the source, the company must be upfront and prepared with a public statement, to get as far ahead of the story as possible with accurate messaging,” says Roger Pondel, president and CEO of PondelWilkinson.’

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