Business Continuity Planning A 2011 Priority for Small Business

Financial constraints during the recent recession limited business owners’ willingness to spend on anything considered “extra,” but in 2011 analysts believe that more companies will invest in business continuity planning.

In this article posted at IT Pro, Forrester Research estimates that business continuity and disaster recovery should account for 6% to 7% of IT budgets. That’s a steep climb for many small companies, but they will be more willing to approach that this year, says Forrester analyst Stephanie Balaouras.

Awareness of disruptive events – from volcanic eruptions to computer virus attacks – is growing among privately held companies. And yet fewer than half of small companies have a business continuity plan, let alone one that is tested regularly and really considered effective.

Getting company executives to make business continuity a priority might involve reminders about falling behind competitors or the pressures of industry regulation, the article says.

Calculating and informing company board members about the sheer price of downtime should also be sufficient to attract interest and make serious business continuity planning a priority.

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