Telecom and Satcom

What’s top of mind for a lot of telecommunications and satellite communications customers this year? “Pandemic and tight budgets,” says John Coyle of Virtual PBX. As a virtual phone system provider he says the company is focusing on making sure customers’ needs are met, given these two obstacles to business.

“Whether it’s a pandemic, natural disaster, or companies want to save real estate costs and work more employees out of their home on a longer term basis, the key question is how does the employee receive phone calls from the company phone number?”

On the satellite communications front, Sue Ellen Rosen of Mackay Communications says customer demand will increase due to the need for reliable, secure, spontaneous data, voice, Internet and video communications.

“Particularly in crisis scenarios (natural crisis, i.e., Hurricanes, earthquakes or terrorism/human conflicts),” she says, “Satellite communications are unhampered by weather, atmospheric or human intervention.