DHS Wants Better Policies Against Homegrown Terror

The Defense Department currently has policies that address the threat of its own personnel becoming involved in gangs and racist groups. These policies, however, don’t come close to dealing with the possibility of homegrown terrorism.

In an article on the Kansas City Star website, Richard Lardner says government policies need to cover new avenues of violence. An internal review of the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas that left 13 people dead will propose ways to better identify extremists within the military’s own service members, Lardner writes. A letter from members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the threat of violent Islamic extremism is growing, even within the US military.

Besides stepped-up security to prevent future attacks, the recommended measures also include better educating Defense personnel on Islamist extremism and its warning signs, and on the difference between extremist violence and the practice of the Islamic faith. This would increase the level of trust between the thousands of non-extremist Muslim Americans and their colleagues.

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