No Online Privacy for Israeli Soldiers

Of the new recruits in the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps, hundreds of thousands regularly use Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites. That’s a lot of online activity to monitor, but the Corps has set up a special unit to do just that.

In an article on the news site, Anshel Pfeffer says a new investigative division within the Military Intelligence’s Department of Information Security will be tasked with finding intentional media leaks by soldiers and officers, as well as unintended leaks via social media networks.

“In addition, the unit reviews transcripts of hundreds of senior officers’ conversations, to ensure they are not speaking to journalists without authorization,” Pfeffer writes. There have been cases where terror organizations tried to contact soldiers via these networks.

Besides looking for attempts at espionage, the Military Intelligence Department also works to protect Web sites and networks on which Israel’s economic and financial infrastructure rely, the article says. Pfeffer quotes Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, the department’s commander, as saying the Internet is now “a fourth dimension of combat,” in addition to land, sea and air.

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