Emergency Management Specialist Named As One of Top 50 Jobs

In the next few years, both public and private spending on emergency management will continue to increase, due in part to concerns stemming from terrorist threats and 9/11.

This fact, bolstered by data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, leads U.S. News & World Report to name emergency management specialist as one of its top jobs for 2011.

Appearing alongside social service jobs such as firefighter and social worker, emergency management specialist requires a moderate daily activity level and plenty of upward mobility but also carries a moderate to high stress level, according to the article.

“For a career that puts you under the gun, the ability to manage stress is key. Communication and collaboration skills are also essential in dealing with complex bureaucracies and ensuring that the public is informed through the right media channels,” the magazine article says.

It lists the median annual earnings for emergency management specialists in 2009 at about $53,000.

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