How Do You Rate Your Business Risk Consultant?

Risk management is personal, not corporate, says Damith Kurunduhewa, in an article in the Sri Lanka-based Sunday Times. That’s why individuals choosing a risk manager should avoid making the decision based on corporate names in the consulting field.

Instead, make sure you know which individual will be consulting with your business. And “search for a consultant who is exposed to real life and environmental realities in diversified ambiances – local and overseas,” Kurunduhewa’s article recommends. “The uniqueness and the punch of the person in the playing field matters a great deal – rather than distant spectators listed in glossy brochures.”

Look for a consultant with innovative intellectual input who can persuasively present facts to your board of directors and senior management, the article says. Validate his ERM service credentials and check to see whether he has served top-echelon conglomerates in the past.

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