New Devices Bring Opportunity Along with Security Concerns

Organizational investments in IT next year are likely to revolve around protecting mobile devices, business continuity planning and geographic-based security access systems, says an article in the online publication National Cyber Security.

Quoting security experts at Unisys about the evolving threat landscape, the article says that the popularity of mobile devices brings about new security challenges. “… security officers and professionals now must figure out how to address the new security challenges that arise as hundreds or thousands of these new devices and their associated applications are introduced into the enterprise infrastructure,” the publication says.

It predicts that biometrics, such as facial image or voice verification systems, will begin to be used increasingly to verify the identities of mobile device users in addition to traditional user IDs or passwords. Recent research has shown that only slightly more than a third of Internet users in the U.S. regularly use and update passwords on their mobile devices.

In light of the recent terrorist attempts on cargo shipments, the article predicts an increased focus on U.S. port security, both on securing shipments at sensitive maritime ports and on verifying the identities of authorized personnel.

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