Private Sector Resources Catalog 2.0 Released by DHS

Looking for help in accommodating disabled individuals in your emergency preparedness plans? Get information from the Disability Resource Center of the federal Civil Rights and Civil Liberties agency. Need to report a suspicious small aircraft? Turn to the AIRBUST office of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Federal agencies from FEMA to ICE to the TSA detail the programs, services, training and other resources they offer to the private sector in this new version of a catalog first released earlier this year.

In a letter that introduces the Private Sector Resources Catalog 2.0, Douglas A. Smith, DHS assistant secretary for the private sector, says he is committed to strengthening the department’s relationship with private organizations. “The private sector is a critical partner in our homeland security efforts and my office is committed to strengthening the Department’s relationship with organizations such as yours,” the letter says.

The 66-page catalog includes brief descriptions, including website URLs and contact information, for everything from ICE’s I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification compliance office to the USCIS Genealogy Program and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Information eXchange.

To view the catalog online, click here: