First Pan-European Cyber Security Exercise Hailed As Success

An exercise involving 320 simulated cyber-security incidents brought together experts from 22 European countries this month at Cyber Europe 2010. The simulations involved attempts by hackers to knock critical services offline and degrade Internet availability.

The exercise was modeled after U.S. cyber war exercises, such as Cyber Storm, and pitted a computer emergency response team against a team of “hackers.”

Initial findings called the exercise a big step "towards building trust at pan-European level" while noting that more co-operation and a greater exchange of ideas is still needed, according to this article in The Register.

Communication problems cropped up, reflecting differences in how incidents are handled in different member states. Some critics of the simulation say it is too focused on dealing with distributed denial of service attacks, rather than on more subtle attacks such as stealing confidential information.

A thorough analysis of the status reports and logs from the exercise are due to be released early in 2011.

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