Emergency Managers Must Coordinate Communities

Outsiders often think that an emergency managers’ job is to direct first responders when disaster strikes. But Dave Miller, president-elect of the National Emergency Management Association, says that the major tasks for emergency managers involve planning, testing response scenarios and coordinating disparate agencies that must work together in an emergency.

“If you make an emergency management program about one agency head or office, it is sure to fail. Successful emergency managers and teams are those that bring a community together to sing on the same sheet of music, so to speak,” Miller tells PlanItNow.org.

He also believes that a “culture of self-reliance” linked to a sense of community is necessary for successful individual disaster preparation. Having an emergency kit and food rations for one’s family is great, but knowing about the plans your neighbors, your children’s school and your workplace have made is even better, Miller says.

Putting contingencies in place for various scenarios, including having to leave your home for an extended period, is crucial.

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