First UK Cyber Test Range Opens

Large-scale experiments that will go beyond the scope of a single facility can be conducted at Northrop Grumman Corp’s new Fareham, England cyber test range. Experiments and assessments of infrastructure survivability will be carried out at the facility, which will be able to evaluate resilience to cyber attacks.

An article in The Federal Circle details how the new venue will be able to emulate large infrastructures and global threats and evaluate how military, civilian and commercial networks respond to a simulated attack.

“The cyber range recreates the real-world environment to the highest degree practicable in a closed system, allowing the system to be driven to total failure,” the article says. Such simulations will allow testers to learn about “the impact of cyber attacks on the systems and how to keep systems operating through them.”

The U.K. range will be federated with an existing Northrup Grumman U.S. cyber range and internet research laboratory located in Maryland.

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