How Much Are You Worth Online?

Prices in illicit Web marketplaces are surprisingly reasonable for individuals’ personal data, including bank log-in information, credit card numbers and email addresses.

For example, your basic identity – name, address and Social Security number – can be bought for a mere $3, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Using data provided by Symantec Intelligence Quarterly, the article calculates that a deluxe package, perhaps including your birth date and mother’s maiden name, might go up to $20. Who would buy it? Someone looking to take out a loan in your name, of course.

How about the log-in information – user name and password - for your bank accounts? The price depends on your balances. The higher the balance, the more it costs to buy access to the online account. A typical checking account could probably be accessed for as little as $10. Accounts owned by small businesses that keep large amounts of cash on hand to meet payroll might sell for as much as $125.

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