Avoid a Crisis: Why Your Company Should Monitor Social Media

Just after tax day 2010, a former call center employee of H&R Block put up Twitter messages encouraging his followers to call the company and ask for him by his Internet moniker, “Kid Fury.”

The Internet phenom’s tweets began showing up when customers searched online for help with tax questions. And they also caught the attention of the company’s eagle-eyed Social Media Team, established during the 2009 tax season.

"Our Client Services organization, with guidance from our Social Media Team, are actively responding to customer service questions, issues, and comments via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites," Zena Weist, director of social media at H&R Block, told blogger David Meerman Scott, of WebInkNow.

The team saw Kid Fury’s tweets about 10 minutes after he posted the first one, and they were able to identify him and contact his manager. Within about an hour, he had taken down the messages and apologized.

The quick response minimized customer confusion and shut down what could have been a major disruption at the company’s call centers.

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