How to Choose a Disaster Consultant

Organizations can no longer ignore or skimp on disaster and business continuity planning, but many of them do not know what to look for when it comes time to hire a consultant.

The world of disaster recovery consulting is dominated by hundreds of small, boutique operations, along with a small number of midsized and very large firms, says John Morency, a research vice president at Gartner Systems security group. He was interviewed for an article in the Disaster Recovery News.

Disaster consultants should be experienced in your particular industry and should be able to demonstrate that they successful managed disaster recovery events in the past, Morency recommends. He says that smaller DR firms typically charge $200 an hour, while larger organizations often charge as much as $350 to $475 per hour.

It is useful to separate the business continuity and disaster recovery functions within consulting into five distinct phases, including refreshing your business impact analysis, defining a disaster recovery strategy, implementing a recovery infrastructure, defining a test plan and breaking down responsibility among team members.

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