Integrating the Disciplines of Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, Governance Risk and Compliance

Helping organizations to respond to change and disruption to ensure continuous operations and to protect people, assets and brand.

Developing mitigation, response and recovery strategies for the critical element that makes organizations successful every day – people!

Helping organizations design systems to safeguard key data, maintain productivity and deliver an acceptable level of service, no matter what.

Facilitating “always-on communication in light of evolving technologies including social media, satellites solutions, and robust computer networks.

Equipping managers to operate at two levels: strategic-tactical and operational with consideration of cost, risk, security and compliance.

Helping organizations reduce or avoid losses from hazards, achieve prompt and appropriate response to victims and effect rapid recovery.

BLOGS  top-notch expertise in six categories

top-notch expertise in six categories

SOLUTIONS  learn how other organizations solve challenges.

learn how other organizations solve challenges.

21st Edition BCM Compensation Study

April 30th, 2023|By Hub Editor | Case Study0 Comments

This study is globally recognized as the premier compensation assessment for Business Continuity/ Resiliency professionals.  The thorough study assesses your earning potential by years of experience, degree, years of management and leadership expertise, geography, certification [...]

A 9-Point Winter Checklist

January 8th, 2023|By Hub Editor | Case Study0 Comments

Have you evaluated your communications strategy for this coming winter? We found that reported blizzards and avalanches tripled between 2020 and 2021, so it is apparent that winter weather is becoming more unpredictable. Use our [...]

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LEARN HOW …NOW  take online training, watch a video

take online training, watch a video

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CONNECT & COLLABORATE  and build resilience in your organization

and build resilience in your organization

  • Disaster Recovery Journal

Disaster Recovery Journal

June 10th, 2023|By Tammy Fall | Connect0 Comments

DRJ is the industry’s largest resource for business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis communication, and risk management, reaching a global network of more than 138,000 professionals. Offering weekly webinars, the latest industry news, blogs, rules and regulations, podcasts, official mentoring program, a quarterly magazine, and two annual live conferences, DRJ is leading the way to keep professionals up-to-date and connected in an ever-changing world.

DRI: Growing, Innovating, Serving You

March 29th, 2023|By Russell Clow | Connect0 Comments

DRI International is a non-profit with certified individuals in over 100 countries; 94 percent of all Fortune 100 companies employ DRI certified professionals. In fact, more individuals are certified by DRI than by all other organizations in our profession combined. In addition to certifying individuals, DRI assesses organizations to determine resilience and offers organizational accreditation.

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Business Continuity Institute Promotes a More Resilient World

February 14th, 2023|By Kathy Gannon Rainey | Connect0 Comments

With over 8,000 members in more than 100 countries, BCI’s network of business continuity and resilience professionals help to keep the world’s organizations on track, no matter what happens. BCI sets the guidelines and trains professionals. BCI gathers research and spreads the knowledge. Together, they work to create a more resilient future.

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