Australian Data Centers Need Better Security

Many Australian data centers are unaware of, or have apathetic attitudes toward, the risk of cyber terrorism. That’s according to international research by data centre professionals industry group AFCOM.

In an article on the Computerworld website, Tim Lohman says IT departments in Australia have been warned that their data centre providers, both internal and external, may not be secure, due to a lack of serious approach to the risks.

AFCOM sourced its data from 436 data centers across 27 countries and found that only 34.4 per cent of data centers had included the risks posed by cyber terrorism as part of their disaster recovery planning. Just one quarter had policies and procedures manuals that addressed cyber terrorism, and two in five had no manual.

“The general consensus is that while major [terror] events do create media hype around the place and people get asked questions about what they are doing about it from a corporate perspective, many do not keep it front of mind in terms of true risk to the commercial entity,” said Mike Andrea, Strategic Directions Group director and data center national practice manager.

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