UK’s Largest (Mock) Quake

Over the past 1000 years in Britain, a total of 11 people have died from earthquakes. Compared with other parts of the world, a devastating earthquake in the UK is extremely unlikely. Yet in light of high-magnitude earthquakes in several parts of the world this past year, the UK is preparing responders just in case.

In an article on the Telegraph website, Andrew Hough says fire and rescue crews from across Europe and the Middle East took part in a major earthquake drill in which an earthquake hit a fictional UK town. For three days, police officers from four British forces were trained to deal with a devastating tremor. The exercise cost £826,000 (close to US$1,271,800) and simulated the consequences of a magnitude 8 earthquake hitting the country, “something that has never happened and probably never will,” Hough writes. The exercise also involved hundreds of actors employed to recreate the mock disaster scenes across the country.

Critics say the exercise was a waste of valuable resources, yet senior officials felt it necessary to prepare for such an event.

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