Smart Grid, Smart Hackers

When the Stuxnet worm was discovered this summer, a new family of malicious computer code that attacked widely used software designed to control infrastructure such as power grids, North America got a wakeup call. As the energy grid evolves into a “smart grid,” the industry mustn’t ignore the fact that cyber-attackers, too, get smarter.

In an article on the Calgary Herald website, Lynn Moore of Postmedia News says cybersecurity is a top priority for the energy sector and that the topic will be among the larger issues discussed at the upcoming World Energy Congress in Montreal.

Stuxnet, the worm discovered this summer, was spread via a USB stick and used a security breach in certain Microsoft Windows operating systems, says the article. It targeted Siemens, a multinational company whose products are sold throughout the world. The company has since equipped customers with software tools that allow them to detect and remove the virus, and Microsoft upgrades have closed the security breach in.

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