BP Report to Share Drilling and Containment Lessons

If mistakes are a good learning lesson, oil giant BP has learned a lot. A report due out this week will outline everything the company learned in responding to this year’s explosion, oil leak and ultimate capping.

In an article on the Houston Chronicle website, Brett Clanton says the goal of the report is for BP to share what it learned in its efforts to stop the leak and to “detail the lessons learned during the battle to tame the runaway Macondo well.”

The report is expected to closely resemble a presentation made by BP executives in early August, which said the response was unprecedented in scope, scale and technology. It tapped into “more than 45,000 people, 7,000 sea vessels, 150 airplanes and the cooperation of many government and industry groups,” said Richard Morrison, BP’s vice president of operations for the Gulf of Mexico.

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