India to Step Up Airport Security

India has seen a steep increase in air traffic, airline operators, passenger flow, and consequently terrorist attacks, which has led to a call for stepped-up security measures. During the launch of Airport and Aviation Security India 2010, part of the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC)’s global series of aviation security events, IQPC conducted a survey on the subject of airport security.

An article on the Financial Express website says that based on the survey, India’s airport and aviation security experts want to learn from successful international case studies on how to secure international airports and implement best practice. Industry stakeholders will meet in October in New Delhi “to assess the security environment and develop pro-active strategies to safeguard India’s airport and aviation industry,” says the article.

In December 2009, Mumbai airport handled a record 25.3 lakh domestic and international traffic, India’s highest ever.

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