Chicago Praised for World-Class Camera Network

Chicago’s Big Brother network consists of over 10,000 public and private surveillance cameras throughout the city. The cameras are interconnected and relay images back to emergency authorities at various levels.

In an article on the Chicago Sun-Times website, Bradley Brooks says U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano praised the system last Thursday. “Cameras are key. They are a deterrent. They solve crimes. It deals with terrorism. It deals with gangs, guns and drugs in our society,” she said. In the U.S. Napolitano said, Chicago’s system is rivaled only by New York City’s system. She cited London and Madrid and other cities abroad for their use of cameras as deterrents.

Chicago’s Mayor Daley wants the network of surveillance cameras to be even bigger. “Remember, we had the vision and the foresight and the stamina to build this,” he said. “Very few cities ever combined their fire and police department and emergency under one roof.” Napolitano agreed with Daley that Chicago has become as safe as any major city can possibly be, says the article.

To read the Sun-Times article, click here:,daley-homeland-security-cameras-082619.article