Miners Unite Chile

The families of 33 trapped miners in Chile continue to camp out near the mine and are being supported – even entertained – by government workers to keep their spirits up.

In an Associated Press article hosted by Google News, Bradley Brooks says that to relieve their anxious days of waiting that began August 5th, there have been concerts, TV shows projected on tent walls, and clowns to entertain the children. People have also donated tents, food and other items to the families.

Despite the San Esteban mining company taking the brunt of the criticism and President Sebastian Pinera firing top regulators after the mine’s collapse, “a positive energy floods the town of Copiapo near the mine,” Brooks writes. That’s in notable contrast to the anger, blaming and looting that occurred among Chileans after the earthquake – destructive behaviour that Michelle Bachelet said reflected “the moral damage of the people.”

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