BP Probe Points to Several Spill Contributors

Daun Winslow, a top manager at Transocean, has become a star witness for the joint investigation of the BP oil spill being conducted by the Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement. Winslow happened to be on site when tragedy struck on April 20th – he and other Transocean senior managers were there to celebrate the rig’s excellent safety record.

In an article on the Washington Post website, Joel Achenbach says hearings have raised question about who was in charge of what, leading up to the tragedy and at key moments during the explosion and spill. Fishermen and “sidelined oil rig workers,” for example, said firefighters caused the “massive amount of water dumped on the rig from fireboats” that “led to the foundering of the Deepwater Horizon on April 22,” Achenbach writes.

As for Winslow, he said he passed an order from his counterparts onshore to stop using so much water by using it for cooling, not to extinguish the fire. But when his colleagues sent him instructions he could not open the e-mails because of a lack of Internet bandwidth. A lack of proper technical gear is another reported factor in what went wrong, says the article.

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