Pandemic Plan In Force for Tamil Migrants

When a Tamil ship and 500 migrants arrives in British Columbia this week, staff at a hospital on Vancouver Island will have their facility under strict medical quarantine and will be protected by armed security services.

In an article on the National Post website, Kathryn Blaze Carlson says a Victoria hospital has been tasked with delivering “humanitarian health care services” to the Tamil migrants and is planning for the worst case scenario. That’s in response to reports that some of the voyagers might be infected with tuberculosis or other highly contagious diseases. Migrants who are ill will be taken to the hospital, while the rest will be housed in two Metro Vancouver jails. Corrections staff will wear face masks until everyone is cleared of infectious illness, says the article.

“Because a person can have tuberculosis without showing symptoms – such as coughing up blood, fever, and profuse sweating – all asymptomatic migrants will undergo a chest X-Ray upon arriving at the corrections centres,” said Dr. Kevin Elwood, director of TB control for the BC Centre for Disease Control.

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