UK Cyber Challenge

As of July 26th the UK launched its Cyber Security Challenge. The event will be run on several dates between September and December.

In an article on the BBC website, Richard Westcott says the challenge consists of both a virtual competition and a face-to-face challenge. The virtual “treasure hunt” will involve looking for flaws on a dummy website and answering questions about the findings.  In the face-to-face component, teams will compete to take over a simulated network and defend it against a series of attacks carried out by security professionals.

According to the BBC article, the UK wants its pool of cybersecurity professionals to grow. Kevin Streater of the Open University said, “We are really suffering quite a major challenge at the moment… A lot of people that came in through to 2000 have moved on, they moved up into different roles and people that came in during the 60s and 70s are retiring.”

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