Batten Down the Data

Happy hurricane season. This one is expected to be the worst in five years. Hurricanes are a compelling reason to have a solid disaster recovery plan to protect your computer hardware and data.

In an article in, Robin Howard says businesses would be wise to implement a disk-based backup and recovery technology, rather than the too-common practice of just hoping the business will be safe from disaster. “Disk-based backup and recovery simply means having an extra server located out of the hurricane zone that will automatically take over for your production server if the production server stops responding,” Howard writes.

It happens automatically. With today’s backup technology there is no need to pre-load the extra server with any software. And yes, it’s affordable, if you consider that the average company loses US$40,000 per hour of downtime: “An extra server and backup software pay for themselves in the time it will take you to shut the windows when it starts to rain,” says the article.

Howard lists five reasons why disaster recovery technology is a necessity for businesses whether or not they are in a hurricane zone (most outages are caused by viruses or simple human error).

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