New System Could Improve Rescuer-Rescuee Communication

The city of Manor, Texas is the first to sign up for a pilot system that improves responder-civilian communication during a crisis.

In an article on the National Defense Magazine website, Eric Beidel says the system, developed by CiviGuard, is heavily reliant on the increasing use of smart phones. It delivers location-specific alerts and guidance, such as the locations of hospitals, police stations or emergency escape routes, to civilians in real time. Beidel says the system “puts those running an operation in touch with those they’re tasked with saving.”

An interactive map connects the controller of the system with citizens (who are represented by pixilated squares on the computer screen). The controller can contact civilians on their smartphones if he detects a problem, and they can respond that they are lost, hurt, or OK. The messages include information about the civilian’s location, and can also be connected to family and friends via social networking sites.

CiviGuard has even talked to the defense industry about the possibility of deploying the system at military installations. “It’s like taking OnStar and putting it in your palm,” said Zubin Wadia, CEO and founder of CiviGuard.

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