U.S. Cyber Plan a Good First Step

If the U.S. goes ahead with its plan to reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities and improve online privacy protections, identity service providers will have to make credentials interoperable.

In an article on the Computerworld website, John Dix says the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is a good first step to securing cyberspace for merchants and the public.

There have been criticisms of the plan. Opponents are concerned about the idea of centralizing identities, and with the document’s lack of discussion about how to ensure someone applying for a credential is who they say they are. But, says Dix, these can be addressed, and under the new plan consumers would be able to use government-supported tools to safeguard their online banking, shopping, health records and more.

“To its credit, the administration released [the document] as a draft, realizing that something this big and complex needs input,” Dix writes.

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