Author Says Civil Liberties Shouldn’t Trump Security

A former policy chief of the Department of Homeland Security has written a book about what he sees as obstacles to progress in the DHS, namely the small “victories” of civil liberties advocates like the Liberal Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Gun Owners of America.

In a book review on the Los Angeles Times website, Ken Dilanian calls ‘Skating on Stilts: Why We Aren’t Stopping Tomorrow’s Terrorism’ a part memoir, part blistering polemic aimed at what the author calls the Privacy Lobby. The book claims that efforts to stop important security measures, including the deployment of full body scanners in airports (the kind that stopped the 2009 Christmas Day attempted bombing), are compromising public safety.

“Baker portrays privacy advocates as fussy Luddites,” Dilanian writes. He says that although Baker makes some valid points, the solutions he proposes are not as simple as they seem in the book.

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