No Privacy for Canadians Flying Over U.S.

Canadian airlines are now allowed to communicate passenger information to a foreign state for flights over that country without landing.

In an article on the Montreal Gazette website, Kevin Dougherty says Bill C-42 amends Canada’s Aeronautics Act, giving U.S. officials “final say over who may board aircraft in Canada if they are to fly over the United States en route to a third country.” The Bill complies with the U.S. Homeland Security’s Secure Flight program, which DHS wants to implement internationally by the end of 2010.

If Bill C-42 passes, someone boarding a plane in Canada and travelling to, say, Cuba, would have their name, birthdate and gender subject to screening by U.S. Homeland Security, says the article. And that involves “running that information through various government databases to determine whether there is a terrorist threat.”

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