How to Manage Your Cyber Risk

In attempting to address the well-known threat of someone hacking into their systems with results potentially devastating to the business, some companies don’t know what to make top priority and end up making very little progress with cybersecurity.

In an article on the TMCnet website, technology company CDW LLC lists five steps to risk cybersecurity risk management. These steps, says the article, “are ideal for organizations requiring simple guidance on getting started.”

Before getting started, the author says organizations need to create a risk management team consisting of, ideally, five to seven people, and representing all departments, including IT, finance and C-level management.

The five steps, which the article explains in further detail, are to identify the types of information the organization handles that need to be protected; locate where the information resides; rate each information asset by its level of secrecy and security priority; rate the top potential threats to the company’s information, and finalize the data so you can start planning.

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