New Hurricane-Proofing Beats Plywood

If only every building could wear a full suit of armor during storm season. That’s not possible, but wind-abatement technology may be improving over the common sheet of plywood nailed to your outside wall.

In an article on the real estate website, Warren Clark describes storm-abatement screens that he says have “become a mainstay in Florida and Texas.” He compares the new technology to the commonly used sheet of plywood or metal shutters. Plywood, he says, is “not tested or approved for winds of any real strength” and when it is detached and becomes airborne, can cause considerable damage. Metal shutters don’t just shut out wind, but also light and air.

The article says the new generation of wind-abatement systems are impact-resistant. The screens are made of heavy-duty, geosynthetic polypropylene mesh, similar to the material trampolines are made of.

“The heavy-duty screens block flying debris and 97 percent of wind and driving rain – while allowing natural light into the building,” says the article.

Clark does not mention the name of the product or its manufacturer but says it is easily customizable, can be installed by anyone and is “like a bullet-proof vest for your home.”

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