Do Faith and Security Mix?

With emergencies becoming commonplace in all kinds of public places, many churches in the U.S. still have little or no physical security systems in place.

In an article on the Gerson Lehrman Group website, consultant Jim McGuffey describes the concerns church leaders might have – having held church leadership roles himself for 10 years – and outlines several ways to make churches more secure for parishioners. “…Recent church tragedies show that church crimes can happen anywhere,” he writes.

The article says a lack of security in churches may be due to a concern “that a security program will create unnecessary alarm” or that security is expensive and will not be cost effective. McGuffey, whose firm does not charge for security consulting in the Philadelphia area for charitable organizations, lists several feasible security measures for churches. These include forming a safety and security committee; training ushers, greeters and other key volunteers to recognize, report and respond to suspicious activity or a security or safety incident; conducting a risk assessment before purchasing any security equipment; reviewing outdoor lighting; and more.

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