SA Needs More Than a Cup of Preparedness

In preparation for the World Cup, emergency healthcare workers in South Africa are braced for everything from major traffic accidents to a terror attack. Sources say, however, that a disaster would overwhelm the nation’s medical services and transportation infrastructure.

In an article on the Google News website, Associated Press reporter Donna Bryson says South Africa’s hospitals and ambulances have limited capacity to handle a large-scale emergency during the World Cup, but that the public system won’t have to cope alone. Dr. Victor Ramathesele, the chief medical officer for local tournament organizers, said there are plans for “unprecedented coordination between the public system, the military and the private sector in case of emergency during Africa’s first World Cup,” Bryson writes.

Other sources said that despite reported shortages of hospital resources, the sector – including Baragwanath, which calls itself the largest hospital in the world – is making great strides to make sure South Africa is ready for the tournament. Paramedics and ambulances from Netcare 911, the emergency response arm of a major private hospital chain in South Africa, are ready to step in.

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