U.S. to Cooperate with Russia Against CyberWarfare

After objecting for years to Russia’s proposals to adopt some kind of arms-control treaty for cyber weapons, the U.S. has now endorsed discussions about such an endeavour.

In an article on the Wall Street Journal website, Siobhan Gorman calls this a significant shift in U.S. policy. Last Thursday, the chief of the Pentagon’s new cyber-security command agreed to discuss a proposal to limit military attacks in cyberspace but, until then, the U.S. had argued that reducing cyber crime should come before cyber warfare.

Russia has wanted cooperation from the U.S. in limiting things like software code that destroys an enemy’s computer systems. The U.S. concern was that even with such a treaty, countries could still conduct cyber warfare through third parties.

“The Obama administration has begun to reconsider its position on the issue as it emphasizes engagement with U.S. adversaries across a range of national-security issues,” Gorman writes.

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