Cyber Trouble Creates Cyber Jobs

In an article on the Washington Post website, Marjorie Censer and Tom Temin say there is a growing boom in cybersecurity.

“From small, recently-established firms all the way up to the well-known defense contracting giants, local companies are building up their cyber credentials,” Censer and Temin write. One reason for the boom is the increasing interest in cybersecurity and dollars allocated to it, by the Obama administration and U.S. Congress says the article.

The region of Washington is becoming a “cybersecurity capital,” and cybersecurity work within the federal government is an estimated $6 to $7 billion annually,” according to David Z. Bodenheimer, a partner at law firm Crowell & Moring in Washington. He said the market is developing fast and attracting both the major defense and homeland security contractors and smaller companies with niche products.

Philip Eliot, a principal at the D.C. private equity firm Paladin Capital Group, said securing mobile devices is a key opportunity right now, as is protecting against Web-based attacks from reputable Web sites and fending off internal threats.

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