New Strategy for Terrorists

A report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Infrastructure protection has revealed some frightening facts about where terrorist trends are headed.

In an article on the Boston Herald website, Anthony Amore says that according to the report, attempted attacks in the past nine months outnumber those seen in any other one-year period, in both number and pace. The report also reveals that terrorist organizations have come to understand that smaller, targeted attacks can have a greater impact than the increasingly deadly-on-a-large-scale kind. Smaller and more targeted attacks have “what DHS describes as psychological impacts beyond the initial shock,” Amore writes.

Because transit is a main target for terrorists, the report urges regional public and private sector groups to collaborate on deterring attacks but also puts much of the onus on the public to be increasingly vigilant. The plot to bomb Times Square, had it succeeded, would have been just one example of a smaller-scale, targeted attack.

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