Online Privacy Concerns Lead to Action

The issue of Internet privacy is finally being taken seriously, thanks to things going too far. In an article on the Washington Post website, Cecilia Kang says regulators are receiving increased pressure to punish online social networking sites and applications for collecting too much user data.

A privacy group has called for an investigation of Google by the Federal Communications Commission, claiming its Street View program – and vehicles that sniff out personal WiFi data – was essentially wiretapping. And social networking site Facebook is being pressured to change its privacy tools to make it easier for users to control who gets to view their private photos and information.

Jeffrey Chester, executive director of privacy group at The Center for Digital Democracy said that thanks to Google and Facebook, “we have all the elements of a perfect privacy storm. There are organized and spontaneous consumer protests; investigations by officials on both sides of the Atlantic, and a Congress finally waking up to this issue.”

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