Google Holds On to Street View Data

Google is accused of snooping via its Street View Wi-Fi application but intends to fight a class-action lawsuit demanding it turn over more information it gathered, beyond what Google has already secured.

In an article on the Computerworld website, Gregg Keizer says that Google has stated, in a pair of filings to a federal court, “that it has copied all the data acquired by its Street View vehicles, passed that data to iSEC Partners, a San Francisco-based information security consulting firm, and locked the hard drives containing the copied information in a safe.” Several European countries’ data privacy authorities are investigating Google’s actions, but similar steps are more complicated in the U.S., says the article.

Google previously planned to destroy any of the data it had gathered, but is currently under an obligation not to. Google must preserve not only the WiFi data but any e-mail and backups, as well as the contents of all servers, and pertinent information on the home computers of Google employees.

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